School organizations and innovations - Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 5 im. Marii Dąbrowskiej w Radomiu

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School organizations and innovations

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School organizations and innovations
*Caritas – students of older grades do lots of voluntary work. Our school is the leader of voluntary service in schools in Mazovia region.

*Erasmus Plus Programme – this year we enter the programme of Erasmus Plus. We hope to encourage our students to meet new friends, learn more about other schools and countries and  show our own traditions and customs.

*SKO – this is the programme for schools which teaches students how to save money creating bank accounts.

*Student Council – children gathered around this students’ organization organize competitions, parties and cooperate with school authorities in running everyday school life.

*Parent Board – each class  has 3 representatives working in so called “Parent Board”. They do statue tasks and cooperate with school authorities  in running the School. They also help teachers to organize school festivals and feasts.

*Subject innovations – for a few years we have conducted innovative way of teaching some subjects at school. This year we have Theatre innovation under the leadership of Mrs Renata Jakubiak and Mrs Agnieszka Drużdż for younger students, and Sports innovation led by Mr Maciej Lesisz for older ones. Two years ago we completed the innovation of English. That one was oriented towards speaking and communication abilities.

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